What does “Enby” Mean?”

  • It is a nonbinary equivalent to the words “boy” and “girl.” Not every Nonbinary person likes being called an enby, just like not every self-identified woman likes being called a girl, but for many, It’s better than being called a Nonbinary Person all the time, which can get pretty wordy!

What is the difference between sex and gender?

  • For a lot of western history, we didn’t make much of a distinction between the two concepts! However, as trans issues and nonbinary genders became more common, we began to differentiate between the words to explain those experiences.
  • In most circles, these days, “sex” references physical characteristics and biology- what binary gender the doctor assigned someone the day they were born. We use the words Male, Female, and Intersex to describe biological sexes.
  • “Gender,” on the other hand, has to do with the way a person identifies and lives their life. Gender often corresponds with biological sex, but not always! Transgender people Identify emotionally as something other than their biological sex. We use the words Man, Woman, Boy, Girl, and Enby to describe people’s genders.

Is Nonbinary gender related to Transgender?

  • Yes! because most nonbinary people were born with the characteristics of a biological sex that they do not Identify with, they can be considered to have transitioned from one gender to another.

Do you think (insert gender identity here) is real or made up?

  • It isn’t my place to decide what genders are and are not real. So long as someone’s gender identity doesn’t hurt others (which I can’t imagine it would), I see no reason why we shouldn’t let that person live the life that makes them happiest, as whatever gender they know themselves to be. Remember, no one can know a person better than they know themself.